How to attract hummingbirds with your Marjorie’s Garden hummingbird feeder:

Do hummingbirds already visit your garden? Then your Marjorie’s Garden hummingbird feeder will quickly catch their attention.

If they haven’t been visiting, it may take them a while to discover what you have to offer. You can help by planting flowers in your garden that naturally attract hummingbirds.

Once one hummingbird finds your feeder, it and countless others, will be coming back to the same spot for years to come.

Hummingbirds are found throughout North and South America. If you live anywhere on these two continents, depending on the season, you should be able to attract them.

Marjorie’s Garden hummingbird feeders are easy to use.

How to make the nectar:

All you need is sugar, water and a small sauce pan. Never use honey or artificial sweeteners.

In the sauce pan, simply add one part sugar to four parts water and bring to a boil for a minute or so. Allow to cool.

Red food coloring is not necessary.

Replace the nectar every few days, more often in hot weather.

Clean the inside of the bird feeder each time the solution is replaced. Vinegar works well if mold has developed.

How to fill:

Turn your hummingbird feeder upside down.

Unscrew the glass with one hand while holding the base and ceramic top with the other.

Pour the solution into the glass (a funnel helps).

First place the metal skirt over the glass, then the ceramic top, and finally the plastic base. Screw the parts together until they are snug.

Move your Marjorie’s Garden hummingbird feeder to the where you intend to hang it.

Quickly flip it over.

Note: If the base overfills the bird feeder is more likely to leak when the weather warms. With proper use this should not be a problem.

Your Marjorie's Garden hummingbird feeder can be hung from a hook or set on a flat surface.

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